Sunday, 25 March 2012

MPSC Prelims Rajaseva purva pariksha syllabus and books list

MPSC Prelims ( Civil Services 2012) Exam syllabus.
Total marks=200

Indian Economics ( 30 marks)
Ranjan Kolambe,classroom notes
Tata McGraw (TMH) & Current Affairs,classroom notes
Arts(Hist,Geog,Polity,Civics,PR,Social Reformers)( 30 marks)
K'Sagar,classroom notes
Pragarti Guide, Tata McGraw & Current Affairs,classroom notes
Agriculture( 30 marks)
Ranjan Kolambe
Pragati Guide
Mental Ability( 50 marks)
Anil Ankalgi
Anil Ankalgi
Science & Tech( 30 marks)
Ranjan Kolambe,classroom notes
Pragarti Guide, Tata McGraw & Current Affairs,classroom notes
Current Affairs( 30 marks)
classroom notes
classroom notes
Question Bank
K Sagar
TMH, KSagar
Other Important books
Uniques Guide



Loksatta,Maharashtra times
Loksatta,Maharashtra times
रंजन कोळंबे सरांचे  पुस्तके आपल्याकडे सवलतीत उपलब्ध आहे..ते आपण घ्यावीत.
संकल्प ची MPSC TEST SERIES सुरु होत आहे..हि TEST SERIES रंजन कोलबे सरांच्या भगीरथ या संस्थेसह संलग्नित असेल..त्यासाठी आपण तयार राहावे
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Limited Competitive Exam for IPS Indian Police Services, 2012

We will be launching Limited IPS officer's recruitment exam training programme

Indian Police Service (IPS) Limited Examination,2012 Guidance Programme
The programme includes weekends guidance of key important topics which are assumed to have not been cleared in service exams. The lectures will save ur valuable time and since they are to be held on Saturday late evenings and Sunday full day, will not be a hindrance in ur service .
March 17-April 25 2012 = GS Paper iii,iv,v with 3 test series + Paper i (Ecology & Environment) ( Stress on Essay writing,Topics of national security,Statistical analysis etc)
April 28-May-10= MCQ Paper I (Less time kept as u will cover major parts in Mains preparations) with 3 test series.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
             But I have promises to keep,
                                   And miles to go before I sleep
           And miles to go before I sleep.
 Lets meet on 17th May 2012 at Dadar west, call/mail us back asap